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For queries approximately garnishments, you need to contact ADP immediately. A toll-loose quantity is to be had on: 1-866-324-5191. You will need to provide safety verification details, such as your call, social security range (SSN) and case ID. If you are unsure of your case ID, you can offer the remaining amount that become deducted from your paycheck alternatively.


Why can’t I get entry to some systems after coming back from a go away of absence?


After you have got your get admission to restored following a go away of absence, it will commonly take an overnight refresh before you simply gain full get entry to to all systems. If you continue to revel in issues, attempt the use of the alternatives in the kiosk to trade your password. Failing that, you'll want to speak to the management group at your administrative center.


The dates of my depart of absence are incorrect. What must I do?


If you come back from a depart of absence and there may be a discrepancy related to the dates of your go away, you may want to communicate this to the PAMC case manager. associate kiosk jcp Provide the correct details about the time you were absent from work and that they ought to be capable of rectify the problem for you.


What must I do if I have misplaced my Skylight card?


The fine issue to do is to speak to the management group at your save for authentic steps. You will even want to name Skylight on 1-877-814-7679. Using that number, you'll be supplied with special options. Press ‘1’ to set off a brand new card. Press ‘*’ to file a misplaced or stolen card, or to file that you did no longer receive your Skylight card.


What ought to I do if I even have a coverage-related query?


All questions associated with policy ought to be addressed to the leadership team at your place of work. You can do this by using speaking to them in man or woman, or by using contacting them over the phone, through e-mail, or in writing.


Use the Powerline Benefits Library to get entry to the relevant information approximately MTO/PTO. If you need to make a correction, or if you have a question approximately how the value changed into calculated, speak to the leadership team at your workplace.

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